Posted by Matt Harrison on 03 Oct 2016

Who does UX well? Three of my favourites

If you have a service or product online, then you already know that the digital landscape is a very crowded place, which is why it’s fundamental to seek out new ways in order to stand out from the crowd. That is why careful consideration of usability and user experience comes into play, to really understand your consumers so that you can build an online experience that feels as if it was made specifically for them. But this is no easy feat. And how is UX achieved? You can find our first article in our UX series here. For this article, I’ll share with you great examples of UX that I’ve spotted this month. Here are some of the criteria I used to evaluate the websites:

  • Highly polished visual design
  • Clear signposting and intuitive navigation
  • Cutting edge web technology
  • Exceptional experience

Snow Bird

Snow Bird provides an exceptional experience whether on desktop or mobile, however it’s clear from the design that this site was made to be mobile first. This means that the site was developed and optimised for mobile, then scaled up to desktop. What I really love about Snow Bird is their use of the latest web technologies combined with intelligent design to craft a visual spectacle. This is evident when you see how the links rarely take you off-page. Instead, the content reveals itself by folding in interesting and unique ways. Notice how when you click through to make a booking the main navigation disappears and only reveals a three step process to plan your stay. A masterclass in UX.


Graze is a converting machine. New users to the site are given a very limited set of options, all you get is three unique selling points and a button that simply states ‘Get Started Now’. For returning customers the experience is just as good. Careful consideration has been given to what content should appear on the page. The most important information is at the top of the page such as managing your graze box, then further down the page there’s discover more snacks, blog, andsocial media. The Graze website is tuned for converting new visitors, and keeping existing ones too.

Peak Design

Peak Design have used crowdfunding to launch 20 new products for camera equipment, from bags to straps. Their site is incredibly visually appealing with high quality images that really sell the brand to their target audience. I love how visual their main menu is, with clever placement of product links within the dropdown. Their About page andBlog is pushed aside in an additional menu, it’s subtle but not too subtle. The focus here is clearly on the products first and the brand second. When selecting a product, the amount of product information is staggering. However, Peak Designs present the information in bitesize chunks that are easily digestible. Yet, the focus of the product page remains on the images, with the features and specs second. The attention to detail is truly amazing, and the experience continues at every stage of the path-to-purchase.